Additional credit fees – what are they and how to calculate them?

When planning to enter into a loan commitment, we should remember that in addition to the capital part, we will have to add additional credit fees to the total cost of the loan, which the bank will impose on us. We write below about the costs and what they involve, in the latest article. We […]

Rejected applicants for Home Loans.

Although many claim to be faster in the process of managing credit, the fact is that rejection still often occurs. Likewise with applying for home loans. The conditions are more and the process is longer and time consuming. It is understandable why home loans go through such a long process. Not only the amount of […]

Online Payday loans – An online alternative

Telephone payouts have long been popular. At first, the system operated by contacting the field representative of a non-bank company first. Then it is necessary to determine the optimal date of the meeting to discuss the payday call. This type of verification and submission of applications still exists in our economy. It is certainly popular […]

Loan for solar panels? What’s up with that?

Great for the environment AND good for your money! If one of these items interests you, then solar power panels are the solution for you. Not just good for the environment, but also very reasonable and therefore great for your profile. After all, solar panels generate electrical power via solar energy. This will as a […]

How Do Credit Cards Work and What Are the Advantages of Credit Cards?

Credit cards basically allow you to transact by utilizing credit from the bank with certain periods and limits. This limit is determined by the bank based on the bank’s estimation of your ability to pay. Generally the time period given is one month, so you need to pay the bill at the end of the […]

Borrowing wisely

Credit and loan are banking services without which the economy would be inconceivable, however difficult it is to imagine now, in the wake of the anti-bank sentiment of recent years. At the same time, the 2008 economic crisis has shown that credit can carry great risks, especially if we do not foresee the risks we […]

I am in default, can I get a credit transfer?

Maybe you are trying to start from scratch with a new bank, get benefits and forget about difficult times requesting a credit transfer. Cool. Let me give you some advice to get a credit transfer. Many things can happen during the term of a mortgage loan. Difficult moments. A bad business, changes in family structure, […]

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